About us

About us

Who are we?

The idea to establish a company was created as a result of the desire to continue the family tradition related to the processing of plastics. Its beginnings date back to the eighties, and we continue to work with passion.

MOLDEO focuses on development, we want to move with the times, we are open to new solutions and we closely follow technical innovations to make our work even more effective. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We will do our best to make cooperation with us a pure pleasure.

Design office

Our design office can be divided into two parts: construction and design departments.

Construction department is into technological designing of details made of plastic and designing of injection molds. This is the point where the experience of our injection technologists and mold constructors meets.

We used to design details based on provided samples, sketches or ideas of our customers, but we also create a completely new products.

In the design department we create new products cooperating with our professional designers. They work on the visual aspects of the product to let it be not only functional, but also good looking with a unique shape.

Injection molds

We have our own tool shop where we manufacture all of injection molds. Every year we implement approx. 50-60 projects for customers from all over Europe. Our machinery park gives us a possibility to manufacture molds weighing max. 2 tons.

The tool department also deals with the maintenance and servicing of molds working in our company.

You can find more information about our machinery park in the tap called TOOL SHOP.

Injection molding

Our department of plastic processing consists of 20 modern injection molding machines produced by Haitian. All machines are controlled numerically and each production line is equipped with modern peripheries such as:

– Dryers
– Feeders
– Thermostats to stabilize the molds temperatures
– Hot channel drivers

The max. clamping force is 250 tons and the detail weight of about 600 g.

We work on projects based on molds manufactured in our own tool shop or based on molds entrusted us by our customers.

Meet our experts

Jakub Majchrzak

Jakub Majchrzak

plastic processing technology /
project manager

He gained his extensive experience working in the family business where he was responsible for designing and implementation of new products.

In Moldeo he takes charge of supervising over all of design and executive processes. He is also in touch with our customers.

He takes care of technological analysis of the plastic parts, selection of appropriate plastic materials and simulation of the injection process.

Paweł Janaszczyk

construction of injection molds /
project manager

For several years now he is engaged in injection molds design. He has run a tool manufacturing company, where he took charge of making and keeping molds.

In Moldeo,  he is responsible for the construction of injection molds and supervising of design and implementation processes.

Paweł Janaszczyk
dr Wiesław Kuczko

dr inż. Wiesław Kuczko

designs / prototypes

Wiesław Kuczko is a research worker at the Poznan University of Technology. He could be a perfect example of person who is able to share work and passion.

He specializes in rapid prototyping techniques and reverse engineering.

In Moldeo Wiesław is responsible for preparation of the initial product documentation: 3D model performing and their preparation considering rapid prototyping.

dr Dominika Drezner

projects / design

The titled designer of industrial design.
Laureate of the prestigious Red Dot Award and finalist of the “Good Design 2015” contest.

She cooperates with Moldeo in the field of new products designing.

dr Dominika Drezner
Jakub Kranc

Jakub Kranc


He gained many years of construction experience by designing of plastic parts in the furniture industry.

In Moldeo, he is responsible for new products designing and technological analysis of projects provided by our customers.

Agnieszka Chudzińska


If you are interested in cooperation with our company and you would like to talk about details in English or German – you can send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Mrs. Chudzińska will provide you with all information about our offer.

+48 515-195-808

Agnieszka Chudzińska