Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay for the RFQ of the injection mold?
Definetely not. Both initial quotation of the injection mold and a technological consultation for newly implemented projects is free of charge.
2. What kind of information should I provide to receive the initial quotation of the injection mold?
The basic information that we need to prepare a valuation are:

– 3D model of the detail (it would be the best to share it with us in a proper file extension which is .stp or .xt)
– specification of the material which the detail should be made of or a description of its application (What condition should the detail work in? What will it be used for?)
– specifying the character of the final product – is it a visible or invisible detail?
If the product is a visual element, we need to estimate which surfaces are supposed to be visible and what kind of structure they should have.
– What quantities are planned to be produced? The customer should estimate if his orders are going to be a one-time-order, regular monthly/yearly deliveries or how many pieces he would like to produce using the tool in total.

3. How much does the incjection mold cost?
It is a very frequently asked question. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer without getting to know the project and production requirements of our customer.

It is impossible to specify ‘the cost of an injection molding machine’ unambiguously. Everything depends on structural solutions and the level which says how much the plastic part is complicated. However, we always try to emphasize that the injection method is the method of mass production and in most cases making tools for single production (few thousands of pieces) is simply unprofitable.

4. How long does it take to make an injection mold?
It depends on the level of complication and mold dimensions. Most projects are carried out in time of 6 to 8 weeks.
5. I have an idea for a new detail.
Unfortunately, we are not able to estimate the cost of the injection mold or production based on product vision itself. The first stage is always a transferring of the customer’s idea into a 3D model. Only then, using preliminary construction drawings, we can determine the initial costs of the injection mold and production.
6. I already have an injection mold and would like to order a production of the finished plastic parts.
Our service includes also producing of finished products based on entrusted by the customers injection molds. So, if you already have a tool and you would like to ask us for an offer, please, share with us the information as follows:
– what are the injection mold dimensions?
– how many cavities are there in the mold?
– what kind of system does the injection mold have? Is it a cold or hot runner system?
– what is the detail weight?
– what is the regular cycle time?
– what material is the detail made of?
– what colors is the detail produced in?
– what production quantities are planned?